Professor George F. Hart

a brief biography

George Hart, 1988 George F. Hart, Ph. D. studied at Sheffield University, England and Moscow State University, Russia prior to working in Africa, USA and India. He is Professor emeritus in Geology and Geophysics at Louisiana State University. George Hart's professional career as a geologist spans over a 50 year period and progressed from research, to the Head of a Research Unit, to extensive teaching, to administration of the entire Research Program of the Louisiana Geological Survey. During the whole time he was actively involved with applied studies involving various aspects of stratigraphy, fuel resources [oil, gas, coal, and lignite], paleobiology, and environmental analysis, using the tools of stratigraphy, palaeontology, sedimentology, statistics and computer analysis. Throughout his entire career he has worked in deltaic detrital systems commencing with his Ph.D. on the Karroo coal bearing deltaic sediments of Tanganyika, to his recent work on the deltas of Peninsular India and the initiation of the World Delta Database []

His special interests include silver jewelry and wooden carvings from Africa and Peninsular India, building materials, and the study of the techniques used in home construction throughout the world. His original technical education was two years studying Building Construction at Darlington Technical School, England which eventually led to his most  recent project :the construction of Hart's Abode.  Hart's Abode is built on 35 acres in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, above Boulder, Colorado, and set in a Shangri La location on the western slope of Boulder Mountain.  The home is a blend of ancient and modern: an antique collection of wooden carved doors and beams blend seamlessly with modern construction materials that form the structure of the main building.
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