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A Selection

100 year Starship Conference

The slide show 100 year Starship Conference is the material I prepared but did not present at the conference.

The Gulf of Mexico

This slide show is a PDF file. It was prepared by my friend and former student Ron Neal, President of Houston Energy Inc., Houston, Texas. Ron kindly allowed it to be re-produced on this site. It was originally presented in Houston during the NAPE 2011 conference.

Science and Religion

This slide show is a PDF file. Social problems arise because many followers of some religions are not willing to accept the Theories of Science [which are facts in laymen terminology]. They misunderstand that Science is the language with which humankind describes our reality. This slide show was prepared to point to the difficulties that are posed by those tht believe in myths and legends as the basis of our social gamodeme.

Thoughts on capitalism

Thoughts on capitalism was prepared for a philosophical meeting organized by my friend and former student, Bill Ross, and myself in 2010. The slides were presented as a poster session for the meeting, which was attended by about 40 people interested in social philosophy.

Building the Bison Estate

This slide show was prepared for Realtors interested in the construction concepts behind Hart's Abode.

Individual Rights

The question of human rights is misunderstood, misused and misinterpreted by a large section of humankind. The slides presented here are from my eBook manuscript: "The Science of Man".

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