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The Utility of the hierarchical classification of Homo

Monday, December 14th, 2009

I believe I have a record that can prove I am not a racist but I do take issue with many geneticists who claim that race is irrelevant because we all differ from one another by a minute amount of our DNA. For example, Richard Hayer of the Center for Genetics and Society said “modern science reveals that genetic differences are trivial and that ‘race’ is an almost meaningless descriptor”. Whereas he was correct in his first statement he is decidedly wrong in his second. The notion of separate interbreeding populations forming distinct ethno-cultural gamodemes is a very valid concept for understanding Protosociety. As a social concept to understand Protosociety, the spatial distribution of human variation is clearly significant, despite the ideologues of the west coast of the USA who rightly see genetic variation within the global population as continuous – missing the point that Cultures are separated on their differences not their similarities and that physically each geographic area did show a unison of characteristics that led earlier anthropologists to define human variants. These variants were not significant, and probably did not exist during Archaeosociety and are breaking down since Eusociety commenced. However, during Protosociety they developed and were important concepts influencing people and even today accepting such differences can have decidedly important benefits to health and education and the general well-being of all of humankind.

The problem seems to me to be related to the modern education of bio-scientists.: one flaw is that they do not seem to understand TAXONOMY. The older generation had a strong background in both taxonomic theory and practice, and understood that taxa are separated primarily by differences not similarities. A useful taxonomy of humankind does use a variant-based hierarchy; and the resultant classification is based upon a unison of measurable and visible physical traits. To deny this is bowing down to political correctness: to use it as the basis for racism is both unethical and evil. It is for this reason that I continue to use the geographically based, physical gamodeme classification. for humankind. As I have said elsewhere:

“The combination of various geographical effects was evident in the isolation of the cultural gamodemes that formed the traditional interbreeding populations of Homo sapiens by the end of the Pleistocene Epoch [11,500 years ago]. By this time the archaeosociety of the hunter-gatherer was being replaced regionally by protosociety as agriculture developed”, Hart, 2008, p73.


Homo sapiens var africanensis and the African Cultures.

Homo sapiens var caucasensis and the European Cultures.

Homo sapiens var mongolensis and the Asian Cultures.

Homo sapiens var australensis and the Australasian Cultures.

Homo sapiens var Khoisanensis and the Southern African Cultures.

An interesting observation by Geoffrey Miller in the Economist: “The World In 2010” is that “The looming crisis in human genetics” is precisely the problem that genetic studies are showing how we are all a product of out physical gamodeme.  I believe this is something we should embrace, for the good of humanity, not shun as incorrect.

Creation from the void

Monday, December 14th, 2009

by George F. Hart, 19th., August, 2009

The quantum vacuum is where everything that we know came from, even the matrix of space-time”.

Frank Close, “NOTHING – a very short introduction”, p: 107,2009.

Humans are adapted to sense things at the mega-scale – not the atomic level or below and not the galactic or universe level. We have to use logical inquiry to understand things at these other levels and explain them in a universal language which we call Science. Science is the language whereby human being describe reality. We formulate hypotheses and then Theories that conform to facts. Very small things are understood by quantum mechanics. Very large things are understood by gravity. Scientists believe that at the quantum level space cannot be a true void. The uncertainty principle demands that knowing that there is NO PARTICLE AT ANY AND ALL POINTS tells us nothing about momentum [energy] and that energy cannot be zero. Zero point energy is merely the minimum amount of observable energy existing at a location. The classical view is that a zero point can split into two equal but opposites and the void can have an average of zero. By the continual process of splitting into opposites and then uniting into nothing once more the result is that there is no such thing as empty space i.e. a true void. A analogy would be two colliding light waves of equal wave length which when 90 degrees out of phase create dark. BUT is this a mathematical construct when it comes to the void? Is it implicit in the wave/particle duality that if all mass is removed so is all energy and this does not break the uncertainty principle i.e. are zero point energy and zero point motion relevant when all matter is removed? The ground state of a vacuum is the state at which no more energy can be removed from the system. Casimir H. [1948] suggested how to determine if zero point energy is real or just a mathematical construct and in 1996 this was done in the affirmative. The “Casimir Effect” is the CHANGE in zero point energy even though the zero point energy itself cannot be measured. Case notes “The void is a quantum sea of zero point waves, with all possible wavelengths” Close, p. 106. Theoretically zero-point energy is infinite although it may not be accessible as available energy.

QUESTION FOR TODAY:  Is it possible to tell whether the Earth is revolving around our Universe or the Universe is revolving around the Earth? And what has this to do with Thirring’s 1918 idea that thereby mass and radius of the universe are approximately equal?